We cover the technical part – You have more important things to do

Save 10% billed annually

Basic WordPress Maintenance Plan

Included in every Plan

Website Hosting

Where your site is hosted is really important. You can host your site anywhere, but our servers are built for WordPress and have nearly perfect uptime records and great speed performance.

Daily Offsite Backups

We know how valuable your website is. That’s why we back up both your data base and WordPress files nightly to secure remote offsite servers. You can relax, your site & data is safe with us.

24/7 Security Monitoring

We defend your site from attacks you never knew existed. We include over 30 ways to protect your site including for Malware and Bureforce attacks. Sites are scanned and fixed in seconds.


Core, Theme and Plugin Updates

Updates can be time consuming & can break your site. It’s also one of the most important things to do to keep your site running great. We’ve been developing, hosting and maintaining WordPress site since 2007. We’ve got this covered for you.



WordPress Video Tutorials

24/7 help is only as far away as your Dashboard. We add comprehensive video training tutorials to help guide you through most of the tasks you’ll ever need to do.



Discount Add-on Hours

The rapid growth of WordPress means an ever-increasing number of plugins and themes are available for you to use on your site. With that comes lots of questions and/or concerns. We’ve been developing, maintaining and hosting WordPress since 2007 – We’re here to help!


Professional WordPress Maintenance Plan

(For Small Business and eCommerce Sites)

 Basic Plan Plus

Our Professional Plan includes all the great features of our basic plan plus several additional features specifically added to make a WordPress site for a small business or eCommerce site run great.


 eCommerce Support

Having your eCommerce site up and running 24/7 is crucial. If users can’t place orders, you don’t make money. We’ve been running eCommerce sites since 2005 – we’ll keep you up and running.


 Performance Optimization

Google registers site load times – and punishes sites with slow load performance. We’ll improve the performance of your site by installing and configuring a cache plugin and optimize images and code.


 Uptime Monitoring

If your site is down, it’s not working for you. In addition to improving your sites load time we monitor it’s response times and uptime. If your site goes down we are notified immediately and start working on resolving the issue.


 Google Analytics Integration

With Google Analytics added to your dashboard you can quickly see which of your marketing efforts are working for you – and quickly make informed decisions on what to do next.  What could be easier?


 30 min Development Support

Business site needs are constantly changing and evolving. We include 30 mins of development, extra support, or just plain have questions about plugins or content. We’re here to help!


Enterprise WordPress Maintenance Plan

(For Large Business and Marketing Sites)

 Multisite (up to 5 sites)

Multiste can add tremendous functionality to a WordPress Installation – and all the headaches that go with running a more complex site. We’ve run WordPress Multistes for years – We’ve got you covered.


 SEO Analysis

Why spend money on expensive SEO packages? We include powerful SEO analysis tools without the extra costs. Use this information to know where you stand, and use it to improve your search engine rankings.


  Search Engine Ranking

We include powerful keyword research and ranking tools built right in. Know which words your sites rank well for, and identify the other areas where you can improve. Then use this information to optimize your content for maximum impact.


 Staging Environment

Most of us have done it – developed on a live site…not the best idea. We will replicate your existing site and setup a staging/development version on a development server. All testing can be done there, in safety. You can then deploy with confidence.


 Site Migration Assistance

If you’re unhappy with your current host or want to migrate for any reason, we can handle it completely. We will work with you from start to finish and migrate your site to either our servers or a host of your choosing.


 1hr Development Support

Large and complex WordPress Deployments usually can use extra expert support. Our Enterprise Plan includes 1 hour/mo of development, extra support, or just plain answer questions about plugins or content. We’re here to help!