4 simple SEO Fixes4 simple SEO fixes from Matt Cutts (of Google) presentation of Google’s SEO Report Card at the Ignite SMX in 2010. It’s amazing we still see so many of these same problems today! The Google SEO Report was done by Google on 100 of Google’s properties to see how well they did with their own SEO.

Google gives a lot of advice – white hat best practices. This was an effort to see how well they took advantage of there own advice. How many of Google’s web pages use a descriptive title tag? Do we use description meta tags? Heading tags? Somewhere around 2002 Google became one of the most linked to companies on the web even though they don’t have anyone working full time on SEO. Google focuses on the user experience. They tend not to think about how they look to the inside of a search engine. They publish a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that really is a great tool. It’s long but worth it if you have the time.

4 Simple SEO Fixes

Meta Description Title Tags

Meta description title tags are the snip-it description of what’s on the page. It shows in search right under the URL of the page. It should be descriptive of the page and include the keywords you are trying to be found for in search. Matt describes this as sort of SEO 101. It’s one of the simplest things you can fix.

Internal Linkage of your Site

Links on your site should be consistent. Google found that 4 different URL’s in one example all served up the same information. This is confusing for the user. It makes it hard to figure out what they need to type to find the information they are looking for. Fixing this isn’t hard, it’s just time consuming! If you what more on linking and site structure look here.

Descriptive Title Tags

The page title should be descriptive of what’s on the page. Usually the page title becomes part of the URL of the page. Make sure that it includes the descriptive keywords you want users to use to find the page.

Logos and Images should link to where you want the user to go.

This seems a little confusing. Your company logo in the header should always link to the homepage. users expect this. However images of product or services should link to the appropriate page associated for that product. Again, something simple to fix.

I hope these 4 simple SEO fixes help! Here’s the video.

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